Automatic Swinging Driveway Gate Guide
Automatic Swinging Driveway Gate Guide

Automatic swinging driveway gates restrict access to property from both vehicles and pedestrians. These gates are available in a number of different costs, sizes, shapes, materials, and technological sophistication. Alternatively, gates may be custom-designed to fit particular requirements.

You should carefully examine different options to choose a gate that best meets your security and budgetary needs. These gates differ from sliding gates in that the moving parts of the gates swing forward or backward instead of sliding from side to side.

Materials for Automatic Driveway Gates that Swing

Many different types of materials are available for gates, however, consumers should remember that the cost of automatic swinging driveway gates vary according to specifications, including materials. Heavy materials such as steel, wrought iron, and copper raise the price of gates, however these gates are more durable.

If you are a price-conscious consumer consider cheaper materials, such as aluminum, balanced against the need for future replacement. Some consumers opt for wooden gates, the prices of which depend on the type of wood.

Dimensions of a Driveway Swing Gate

Since driveways vary in width, so do gates. Naturally, the wider and/or higher the gate, the more it costs. Gates may also consist of a single, unidirectional moving door or twin bi-directional moving doors. Another important aspect to remember is the extra space, forward or backward, the moving part of the gate will require when it swings open. Thus, swinging gates require longer driveways than many other types of gates.

Automatic Gate Openers

You should also consider which apparatus you prefer to open your gate. Whichever mechanism you choose, it probably consists of a bar or tube that connects to a post. Remote access control covers a broad category of operational devices that relieve many individuals of hassle and may save valuable time.

These apparatuses rely on motors and may also vary according to noise, power, and power sources. Generally speaking, the heavier the gate, the more power it requires from the remote control system's motor. In addition to simple battery or conventional electrically operated systems, solar-powered systems are also available.

Opening systems may also be operated by electronic clickers or other transmitters that may be attached to automobile sun visors and send radio signals to the gates opening apparatus. Again, consumers may choose from a broad range of types and prices for these devices and should pay attention to which device offers them a maximum amount of convenience and durability, balanced against price.

More elaborate systems such as card-activated systems are available for gates that experience multiple entries. Opening apparatuses also vary in time duration for openings. In addition, many people choose a simple telephone-operated speaker with buzzer, however it is also possible to attach security cameras, intercoms, and keypads.

Another popular feature for these gates is a photoelectric sensor, sometimes known as a "photo-eye." These devices employ light beams that, if interrupted, prevent gates from closing. Photo-eyes may be desirable in situations to avoid potential injury in which unsupervised children or pets may wander near gates.

Another device, an exit sensor, automatically opens gates through an underground cable. Consumers should beware that this technology, while highly sophisticated, is also extremely sensitive as other objects such as some children's toys and lawn equipment may trigger the gate opening.

Lighting for Better Driveway Security

Many consumers also attach lighting fixtures to their gates. Like the gates, lighting fixtures may be artistic or simple. Like the gate itself, more elaborate lighting fixtures raise the total price of the gate assembly.

Potential Complications of Swinging Automatic Gates

Ask your contractor/installer to examine the soil to determine its suitability to operate your automatic gate. Certain types of soils may require additional structural support. Before deciding to install an automatic gate, make sure that you are aware of the location and depth of power, communication, and gas lines.

As the posts for the gates must be sunk into the ground, you should use the utmost care to insure that you do not puncture or sever any of these lines. Failure to take these precautions may result in possible death or injury as well as incur serious fiscal costs.