Cane Bolts
Cane Bolts

Got a shed? A gate? A garage? Something else with big, heavy doors that you want to reinforce? A cane bolt might be a worthwhile investment. Named for their longer protruding handle (for extra leverage), cane bolts are metal bolts that slide through brackets on the door and into the wall, ground, or ceiling, thus anchoring the door to something a little more solid than itself. They can be used horizontally or vertically-to hold your gate door shut or lock your garage door into the ground.

Use on Garages and Cellars

Your garage is more than just a parking spot. If you're like most people, you probably use it for storage, too-and like as not, some of the things you keep in there (not the least of which is your car) are quite valuable and worth protecting. A good, long cane bolt provides excellent reinforcement for your garage door. Cellars are another popular storage area and are often accessible from the outside, making them a likely entrance for burglars if not well-fortified. A cane bolt on the inside of the door can help keep burglars out and your stuff in.

Use on Gates and Fences

If you have a gate or fence around your property, anyone trying to get into your house will have to get past that gate first. As your first line of defense against housebreakers, your gate should be as secure as possible. A cane bolt on the bottom or the side of it makes it that much harder to open.


Installing a cane bolt is fairly simple. First, mount the bolt and brackets on the door wherever you want them-top, bottom, or middle of the door, depending on whether it's a vertical or horizontal cane bolt-using a drill and screws. Then, shut the door, mark the spot on the wall, the ceiling, or the ground where the cane bolt lines up, and drill a hole about one inch deep for the bolt to slide into. If your cane bolt comes with a strike plate (some of the fancier ones do), mount that over the hole. Whether you want to prevent car theft or just keep the neighbors out of your yard, cane bolts are a useful addition to all the outer doors on your property.