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In today's uncertain times, home security is not something to take lightly. This past year alone, over 2 million burglaries took place nationwide. Almost 70% of these breaches were home burglaries. Which means that every 13 seconds, a home is burglarized.

Physical dangers aside, a home intrusion could also have tremendous and possibly long-lasting psychological after-effects. The need for home security is imperative. A suitable and efficient home security system means that you can feel confident and safe and, with advances in technology, the process is simple and inexpensive.

Hidden Benefits of Having a GeorgiaHome Security System

A Georgia home security system provides additional perks beyond protection against break-ins. A home security system may lower Georgia home insurance rates, and also improve the response time of police officers and fire fighters should you need their assistance.

Georgia Home Security Options

Today's consumer has a wide variety of security choices with which to secure their Georgia home. It can appear to be an overwhelming and daunting task, however, it should not have to be.

What's important to remember when selecting a protection plan is that you choose the right tactic for you and your family. Prevention and preparation are the pillars of home safety basics. The initial step to protecting your house and family is to identify your threats.

When these threats are actually discovered then you can properly discern your home security product needs. Burglar alarm systems, sirens, motion detectors and stickers may be used individually or in conjunction in order to supply the best safety coverage for your needs. Home security is very much dependent on risk assessment; before you get a solution, you should identify exactly what problems need solving.

However, it's also important to understand that home security is not only about your home; you also needs to evaluate the safety of your surrounding community. Certain neighborhoods might be at a greater safety risk than others, and this also will vary depending on the nature of the threat.

The protection of personal items that could be found outside your Georgia home should also be considered and accounted for. Driveway alarms could possibly help in reducing the risk of auto theft and motion detectors can be helpful in keeping outside pets and other outdoor valuables safe. It's important to remember that your surrounding areas are all extensions of home security.

After assessing your threats, it's also wise to write down a plan for accident prevention and fire safety. These dangers can easily be forgotten but have the potential to cause as much harm to your household and private belongings as an intruder. House safety strategies can include preparing against malfunctions in your home's plumbing or heating system, medical emergencies and natural disasters.

Luckily, home security systems, particularly the ones that are supervised, have answers for not only burglary threats but also medical emergencies, fires and much more.

Get Great Deals on Georgia Home Security Systems

Whatever your price-range, whether you live in a home or an apartment in GA, by yourself or with your family, there is a home security system out there for you.

ADT is an industry leader that has been protecting millions of people for over 130 years. They offer Georgia families a wide selection of home security services and products that include:

  • 24/7 monitored protection
  • Home monitoring for as little as $1 a day
  • User-friendly equipment that's simple to operate
  • Save up to 20% on your home insurance
  • Money-back guarantee

ADT provides Georgia customers a 6 month, money-back guarantee* if you aren't pleased with their services. With risk-free security options from one of the nation's top home security system providers you cannot afford to let your home and family go unprotected.


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Violent Crime Data at a Glance (2008)

City Population Violent Murder Rape Robbery Assault Property Burglary Theft MV Theft Arson
Athens Home Security 113389 251 0 31 81 139 2929 718 2037 174 13
Atlanta Home Security 497290 3522 50 65 1548 1859 18274 4362 11059 2853 62
Columbus Home Security 188944 524 16 26 229 253 6886 1418 4731 737 44
Savannah Home Security 208116 577 12 23 318 224 5062 1305 3201 556 37

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