Introduction to Video Door Phones
Introduction to Video Door Phones

Door phone systems perform a simple but important function. Door phones allow one to communicate safely with visitors without any need for physicall interaction with them. By installing a door phone system you will increase not only your home security, but also the convenience of managing daily household chores.

Some video door phones come with a remote control enabling you to observe your front door from anywhere in your house. Thanks to such a system, your children will not have to interact with strangers at the door when you are not in a position to answer the door yourself.

Video Door Phone Security Essentials

The market offers a variety of door phones and intercom systems. Their price range is in accordance to the amount of features that they have. The market is wide and you will have plenty of decisions to make when shopping for a door phone. We have compiled a short list of important security features to look for. When security is paramount - do not to compromise.

  • The external camera and speaker box should be 100% waterproof.
  • The outdoor camera should come with an infrared illuminator. This feature enables you to identify visitors in poor light conditions.
  • The external box and camera socket should be strong enough to resist vandalism. We consider a good case to be one that looks like it can survive a couple of baseball bat blows. When you buy the system make sure the box is made of thick and sturdy plastic that does not make squeaky noises when twisted.
  • Make sure that there is a transparent plastic barrier protecting the camera lens. You do not want graffiti spray damaging the sensitive camera optics.
  • Make sure the system allows audio communication as well, not all visual intercoms do.
  • Ask about the total scope of the camera's vision. The wider the field of view, the more area will be under surveillance. Fish-eye lenses give 180 degrees of clear vision, thus giving you the maximum amount of information available. They function like a door viewer.
  • Visual/non-visual compatible. Just in case the sensitive visual functions break down talk features should remain.
  • An alarm that goes off once someone tries to interfere (i.e. vandalism) with the system is important. Do not buy a door phone without one.
  • If you intend to install the system yourself make sure it's a DIY system with instructions. You wouldn't want to spend money on a technician.
  • Make sure the system comes with multi-option installation brackets for mounting into a wall or for desktop use.

Tips for Using a Video Door Phone

Once the door phone is installed it is important to adopt a new door answering routine. Teach your kids to use the door phone when a caller arrives. Be sure to inform the maid, cleaning assistant or anyone else involved in your household maintenance, that you have installed a door phone. Remember, the door phone is there for your protection, use it.

  • Always use the door phone when answering the door.
  • If a caller knocks on your door without using the video door phone, do not under any circumstance, open the door. A door phone is a familiar and large enough box to be visible to anyone. Refuse to answer the door unless the caller will make use of the door phone. If they refuse to use the door phone threaten to call the police.
  • If while having a conversation with a caller you realize that he's hiding something from view, ask the visitor to politely show you what they are holding. If they refuse threaten to call the police.
  • Instruct your kids to act in the same manner.