Is Your Home Security Threatened by the Economic Collapse?
Is Your Home Security Threatened by the Economic Collapse?

In the current economic collapse, law enforcement officials are already seeing an increase in certain crimes, including identity theft. With rising unemployment rates and a depressed housing market, people are struggling to replace lost income and, unfortunately, some are choosing to do it at the cost of others.

Officials are also concerned that recession-induced law enforcement budget cuts will limit the resources available to deal with offenders, potentially contributing to rising crime rates. Additionally, when gas prices rise, police limit driving time, leading to a reduced presence in neighborhoods where patrol cars can serve as a deterrent. Fewer patrol cars on the streets also means an increased response time when crimes are committed. Some criminals are aware that during a recession these cuts are made in their local law enforcement and use that in their favor.

White Collars Sullied

Overall crime rates are not expected to spike any time soon, but each economic collapse has its own unique set of contributing factors that directly correlate to the resulting illegal activity. In this case, two main propellants of the current economic collapse are the housing market crash and rising unemployment rates in every industry from construction to professional business services. The resulting crime increase that we're experiencing now is logical: a surge in white-collar crime, identity theft, mortgage fraud, and stress-induced violations such as domestic abuse and alcohol related crime.

Pertinent Home Security Measures

So, how do you protect yourself from things like white-collar crime, identity theft, and mortgage fraud? The good news is that the preventative steps for these crimes overlap. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Regularly review your credit report for questionable activity.
  • Shred all documents containing personal and financial information.
  • Install anti-virus, anti-spyware, or firewall software on your computer and ensure that your Internet browser and/or mail client are up to date.
  • The elderly are particularly vulnerable to fraud, so keep in mind those friends or relatives who might be at risk and let them know what to watch out for: specifically, unsolicited offers or requests for information.

Don't Invite the Recession In

Experts anticipate an 18 month recovery period for the global economic collapse. Though the recovery will be slow, we all know that the economy will improve over time. While we have little control over what happens in the economy, we do have some control over how much we let it come into our homes.

Being aware of social trends, dangers, and home security precautions will limit how much damage this recession can do to you and your family. If nothing else, taking the time to assess your home security will no doubt provide peace of mind. See Home Security - Complete Guide to Reviewing Your Home or Easy Tips to Increase Home Security to learn more now.