Locked Cabinets and Drawers
Locked Cabinets and Drawers

In today's world the ability to securely lock cabinets and drawers has become a necessity to safeguard important documents, money, other precious items and for many dangerous firearms. Securing such items protects their owners from substantial financial loss and in worst-case scenarios serious injury or death to loved ones.

Firearm Storage

Securing firearms requires among the sturdiest types of cabinets or safes. Oftentimes, these types of cabinets are plated with steel or nickel-plated steel to ensure maximum security. They also frequently include special locking combinations. Due to their high degree of security, would-be burglars require more time to open these cabinets and as they are always pressed to enter, steal valuables, and leave quickly, they do not pursue attempts to open these cabinets. The better-manufactured cabinets are also fire-resistant and many carry certificates guaranteeing their resistance to burglary and fire.

As an additional incentive, a manufacturer may offer to fix or replace a cabinet damaged in burglary or fire. As these cabinets are manufactured with relatively large amounts of steel (typical widths include 1/8 and 1/4 inch) and may contain multiple locking mechanisms and bolts, they are also quite heavy. A well manufactured cabinet weighs hundreds of pounds and cost hundreds, even over 1,000 United States dollars. The owner should also be able to bolt the cabinet to the floor, adding to its security. Cabinets may feature different kinds of locks, including the traditional and well-known combination lock.

In brief, the more complicated the locking and opening systems, the more secure the cabinet. Newer models use electronic locks requiring pin codes and perhaps key cards, sometimes they are designed to glow in the dark. Most experts agree that tube locks should be avoided for this type of security. All models have at least two bolts running from securing each side of the door, but the more bolts and the heavier the bolts the more secure the cabinet. Cabinets may also use designs that include ball bearings and deflector plates to break and deflect drill bits. Secondary locks also are available in some safes in case the primary lock is compromised.

Innovative security designs have led to more safety features. For example, some models have mechanisms that automatically detach the door handle in case of attempted burglary. Your selection of a cabinet should extend beyond cost and the overall estimation of impregnability. Consumers planning to own more than one firearm should buy safes that are large enough for their collections. Those living in warm, humid climates should consider buying cabinets with dehumidifiers. For the larger collections, some people install gun vaults in a particular room or designate the room as a gun room with a prefabricated vault door.

Valuable Storage

Another advantage of these cabinets is found in their suitability for storage of valuables, such as important documents. You should not overlook possibility of items like these being lost to theft, fire, or natural disaster. Keeping them in a fire and burglar-resistant cabinet will help ensure their safety. Nevertheless, you should keep a list of all your important documents. Many experts also recommend keeping second copies with trusted friends or relatives who will also keep them in secure environments augments.