Security Doors
Security Doors

You've probably got locks on your doors. Most homeowners do. A solid lock or deadbolt, presumably, ought to keep out intruders. But what about the door itself? A lock is only as strong as the door it's attached to-so if you want maximum security for your home, you'll want a formidable door to match your locks.

If the door you've got doesn't seem tough enough, you may want to invest in a security door.

What's is a Security Door?

Security doors look and function just like regular doors-they're just a lot more durable. Most security doors are made of heavy wood or steel (steel has the advantage that it doesn't warp or peel the way wood does). Aluminum doors are available-and cheaper-but they're not as strong.

Another important feature of security doors is that they fit more tightly into your doorframe (they actually come with their own frames, which you mount onto your old one). This makes it harder for a burglar to pry open the door, since the crevices around the door aren't wide enough to get into.

Security Doors Look Good, Too!

Security doors don't have to be boring. These days, there are plenty of colors and designs to choose from. You can get steel doors cast in a variety of ornamental styles, or you can get them in wood frames that look like regular wooden doors. If you want glass in your door, you can get special laminated glass or bars over the window area. In short, you can enjoy top-notch security without compromising on style.

Buying a Security Door

When buying a security door, keep in mind that it's pretty much permanent-so get one that fits, and get one you like. Measure your doorway before you shop for a door-you don't want gaps between your new security door and the old frame-and decide what styles, materials, and colors go best with your home. If you're buying knobs and locks, make sure they fit with both the security door and your doorway.

You'll want to get sturdy, solid locks and a strong frame. Also, if the hinges are on the outside, make sure they're tamper-proof. Most importantly, don't compromise on quality. A steel door with bars and tamper-proof hinges may cost more, but the safety of your home is worth the investment.

Installation of Security Doors

Installing your security door is simple if you follow the instructions. Your best bet is to start by installing the frame hinge-side first and with the door already in place, so you can check that it's level and is in the right spot (you may want a partner to help you hold the door up while you attach the frame). As you install the rest of the frame, check the door periodically to make sure it closes properly.

Once you've installed the frame and the door, you can install the knobs, the locks, and any other accessories you desire (door stops, sweepers, etc.). Remember, doors are the first line of defense in your home. A well-built, quality security door with strong locks can go a long way toward keeping you and your home safe.