Security Gadgets to Protect Yourself and Your Family
Security Gadgets to Protect Yourself and Your Family

With crime on the rise in more areas than most of us would like to imagine, most are not aware of the many many ways one can use the current innovations in security to protect you and your family without spending a fortune. Here are just a few of the many gadgets out in the market today that will make you feel better about leaving your home or a loved one in the care of someone else in your home.

Hidden Cameras

When most people think of hidden cameras they immediately think of the nanny cams on the market to help parents monitor how their children are being cared for when they're not around. These cameras are usually placed in stuffed animals strategically placed in the home. Most people don't know that hidden cameras can be placed in just about anything these days from dvd's to hats to clocks and just about every other object you can imagine. These cameras can be wired or wireless, color or black and white. The cameras don't record (you'll have to have a vcr or dvd for that) and don't provide audio(only law enforcement agencies are allowed to have audio). The quality of the cameras vary. Make sure they use 2.4 GHz instead of 1.2 GHz. since 1.2 GHz transmitters have not been approved by the FCC for transmitting wireless video.

Security software

Now you can purchase software for less than $100 that will protect your family and home as well as other high-tech surveillance systems costing anywhere from $700-$9,000. Visec Software turns your home or office computer into a powerful surveillance system in 5 minutes or less. Watch your home, pets, nanny, and even your kids from any location in the world via the internet. The software can record up to four cameras at once using your existing computer and any webcam, wireless or hidden camera.

Electronic Watchdogs

The sound of a barking dog sends most criminals to another house. Now you can have your own watchdog that you never have to feed or potty train. The electronic watchdog uses microwave technology to see through walls to determine if someone is approaching. Once within 20 feet it begins barking like a large dog. The barking gets more intense the closer the intruder comes. These are just a few of the many devices on the market today to help keep you, your family and property safe from unwanted intruders.

Fred Burns has been in the home security and self defense industry for many years. Innovative Product Ideas