Tile Clamps for Cameras and Lighting Fixtures
Tile Clamps for Cameras and Lighting Fixtures Tile clamps provide a means of mounting security fixtures, such as cameras and lighting to roof tiles without having to modify the existing structure. Thus, they save homeowners money while simultaneously enhancing home security. They also are easy to install and remove.

Types of Tile Clamps

The choice of tile clamp depends on the tile. Many tile clamps are designed with wrench-like shape with a screw. Care is needed to ensure that the screw and other parts of the clamp assembly do not damage the tiles. One type of clamp features three cleats affixed to the roof tiles. This system is affordable and easily installed. It also has been tested by wind tunnel technology for use in areas susceptible to strong winds. Consumers should take care that other types of clamps offer resistance to wind stress. Another influence on choice regards the type of attachment that you wish to affix to the clamp. Some attachments, including cameras and lighting, may require or feature the ability to move or swivel. Your clamp should allow for maximum mobility of the attached feature.

Safety Concerns

Consumers who wish to install tile clamps themselves should assess the risks involved in doing so. Installation may require climbing ladders (click here for safety procedures) and perching on high places. If you plan to install your clamps from a loft space, ensure that the floorboards are securely fastened together. Also ensure that you have adequate light. If you need to drill holes, ensure that the area in which you plan to drill does not contain pipes or electrical wiring. Consumers who are unsure of these risks should consider professional installation.