Wireless Alarm Systems
Wireless Alarm Systems

Wireless alarm systems represent an advance in technology in the security industry. Whereas alarm systems previously required wires to connect various system components, wireless systems rely on radio frequencies to transmit signals.

Wireless Alarm System Benefits

A wireless system may engender several benefits such as greater flexibility and lower maintenance. Wired systems often necessitate unsightly wires and cables running through a household or having to bury the systems under flooring or within walls, a costly project.

Wireless systems relieve the homeowner of these issues. Of course installing a visible wired system may be a more affordable option for some homeowners. People wishing to install wired systems should check the lengths of wire needed before purchasing a system.This additional cost may cut into the cost savings that you'd find with a wired system.

Another worry that can be limited, if not eliminated, with a wireless alarm system is the concern of criminals tampering with the security equipment. If you haven't buried your wires underground or within your walls you run the risk of a burlar cutting the wires and disarming your alarm system.

Monitored Wireless Home Alarm Systems

Some of the best known uses for alarm systems include those that alert emergency services such as police and fire. In these cases most alarm systems automatically call an emergency center by telephone which then relays the signal to the required service.

For example in the case of an attempted burglary, a sensor, such as a motion detector sends a radio signal to the central processing unit of the system which automatically relays an alert to the homeowner's subscribed central call center. The call center then alerts the police. System detectors may sense glass breakage, compromised doors and windows, and smoke.

Pets and Other Extra Wireless Alarm System Sensors

Many motion detectors also have been designed to ignore the movements of pets, greatly reducing false alarms. Alarm systems may also alert homeowners to hazards such as dangerous gas levels or flooding. In cases such as these the system sounds an audible alarm. Similar devices may monitor the health of loved ones such as seniors and infants. Most systems also feature designs that allow the systems to be activated or deactivated by use of remote control.